Two Wise Men & A Prison Officer

Long overdue.

I couldn’t see what was right in front of me.

In my (sometimes futile) attempt to become a better human being, and ultimately a better Grandmother,  I have been exploring.

I have  tiptoed around ‘The Law of Attraction’ and discovered the power of the subconscious mind. I have read testimonies of people whose lives have fallen apart and through their beliefs,  have achieved incredible results and turned their lives around.

I have watched hours of footage from world-famous speakers and entrepreneurs, hoping that this would inspire me to write more positively and feel more fulfilled.  These are people who have experienced phenomenal success in ways that I could never imagine, but somehow they seemed almost too successful for me to believe in them.

I turned to social media (why do I do it to myself) and found authors who are living the exact life that I have dreamed of.  This did not encourage me in the slightest, just convinced me I was never going to be good enough and I should give up.

I turned to You Tube and came across a video showing the exact formula for being a top selling author.  It was clinical, cold and the actual writing was the most insignificant part of the process.  I was nothing short of offended and with my most disapproving face, I promptly switched it off.


I have learned a few things though.

You have to work at it. Every day. Whether its writing, exercise, art or a positive outlook, it takes real work and real commitment.

You have to look for the positives.  There is, apparently, a positive in every situation, no matter how tiny it may be.

Clearly then, I am way behind.  Like, YEARS.

I needed some tangible inspiration.  Not something off Oprah.  Something that I could feel and grasp with both hands.

Then I had clarity.

Cue lightbulb moment.

I didn’t need the virtual world to inspire me. I had all I needed right here, right in front of me.  Somehow I had forgotten or overlooked it.  Sometimes you literally cannot see what is right in front of you.

I know  (intimately), the 3 most inspirational people who have gone out into the world  and made their lives exactly what they wanted.

My children.

My eldest son is a musician. He disrupted his life to follow his dream. Not content with a degree, he went on to get a Masters and is now studying at the Royal Academy of Music. This was not his original plan.  He was going to study languages and become a teacher.  His focus and drive to create this life for himself has been truly inspiring.  He changed his mind (against my advice) but  he knew what he wanted and was determined to get it. His unwavering focus and drive to create this life for himself has been incredible to witness.  I remember the day he called me to say he was making enough money through music to give up his part-time retail job, (against my advice).  I should maybe stop giving advice. He is now enjoying the success that all his hard work has afforded him.


My second son is 25.  He disrupted his life, (against my advice), to follow his dream.  He is a football coach and had a good job, football teams, and was coaching for professional clubs.  That wasn’t enough for him. He gave it all up and moved to London to go to University.  It has been challenging for him at times, but not once did he say he was giving up.  He has had his eye on the prize right from day 1 and failure has never been an option. He has set up his own goal keeping academy and is graduating in July and I am so proud of his achievements.  As if this was not enough, he is now a very proud father to my second beautiful Granddaughter, Alyssia.  He is now making plans for their future with the same drive and positive outlook.


What a Beauty


And then there’s Kayla.

IMG_7319A Manager at a fast food restaurant.  She started out at 16 working weekends and stuck with it.  She seemed perfectly happy with her lot.  then, guess what?  She disrupted her life, attended a series of interviews and fitness tests and became a prison officer. It was a job that she had always wanted to do and, to be honest,  whenever she spoke of it, I didn’t really pay much attention.  I never actually thought it would happen. (What a great Mum I am).  She did all this without telling me, (probably didn’t want any of my advice), waiting until the job was confirmed. When we attended her passing out ceremony, we were given a glimpse of the training that she had been through and it was like watching another person.  Where had my little girl gone?  She could now bring a man to his knees with just two fingers!  She had suddenly grown up and was doing the one job that she had always wanted.   That then led to her falling in love and making me a Grandma for the first time and this very blog! She is an amazing Mum to Phoebe but still has her own personal goals that she is going to accomplish.

Clearly there is a trend here and one fundamental decision that led them all to the lives they now live.  They all knew what they wanted and were prepared to disrupt their lives, take risks and work hard to get what they wanted.  They were brave and did not entertain failure as an option.

Their lives have now moved on and they are all working on  new plans to fit in with their goals with the same determination and focus.



Surely, even a small part of that, they got from me??

Here’s to disruption, if I’m ever brave enough to try it….









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  1. Another super,honest and interesting blog. Three extraordinary young people who deserve all the success that can come their way. We are all proud of them. YES , you and Michael ARE going entitled to say that you have played your part in shaping/ inspiring Christopher, Callum and Michaela to be the super people that they are.


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