Great Granddads


This is my Dad.  He passed away when I was 15.  He never got to meet my husband or my children. He never got to be their Granddad. I know that he would be immensely proud of all of them and it seems only fitting that he comes along on this journey with me.

IMG_5420[3369] (2)


This post is dedicated to my husband, the Grandfather-to-be.

michael pram
Baby’s first walk.  You would never know she was screaming her head off!

It is a well-known fact that, when it comes to my husband, I am definitely punching, (above my weight).

I have tried to understand why this incredible man chose to spend his life with me.  30 years later and I am still clueless. (If you have read my post,  Introducing my first ever blog, you will have an idea of my many shortcomings and will no doubt be asking the same question).

If a child could write a list of all the things a Granddad should be, I wonder what they would want? Whatever it is, he would get a tick in every box.

If ever there was an award for ‘Person most likely to be the best Granddad in the whole world, EVER’  he would be going up to collect the trophy.

Except that he wouldn’t. He doesn’t like a lot of fuss.

Unlike me, I would be running up to the stage, screaming, shouting and no doubt falling flat on my face.

Whilst I tried to picture my own future as a Grandparent,  I already knew exactly what sort of Granddad he would be.  He wouldn’t freak out, he wouldn’t  focus on all the things that could go wrong and he definitely wouldn’t  worry about the unknown.  Whilst I did all of those things, he researched the quickest route to the hospital and saved it to my phone.  When I was looking at completely frivolous baby accessories, he sent me a list for my ‘Nanna emergency bag’ and reminded me to pack it and put it in my car.

I know that when the baby arrives, he will step back and let me take over in my usual bossy, selfish manner.  He will watch over all of us and not interfere.  He will do all the crappy jobs, like the washing  up, taking out the rubbish and cutting the grass while we coo over the baby and take endless photos. He will make sure that the heating is on, there is food in the cupboard and petrol in the tank.

He will love unconditionally.  He will reassure me and tell me that it will all be ok.

He will worry.  A lot. But he won’t say a word.

It is only natural that all of the attention is on the baby’s arrival. Although I have begun to realise that there is so much more to it.  There will be a new member of our family for us to love, teach and grow with.  She has already had such an effect on all of us and I cannot wait to see the relationship with her Granddad unfold.  I know it will be nothing short of magical. I imagine their conversations and the games that they will play.  He will be her most favourite person and they will be the best of friends.

So this is a shout-out to all the Granddads and Great-Granddads that play such an important role in a child’s life.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your stories and your values. For all that you do, for how much you love and how much you sacrifice, you are all super heroes.

My Granddaughter is truly blessed to have such a super hero in her life and her Great-Granddad watching over her.

me and dad











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